Words, Words, Words

photo credit: two pair photography; found on: weheartit.com

photo credit: two pair photography; found on: weheartit.com

Words are funny things; fickle, beautiful things. A few words can have the power to lift your spirits to the sky or bring you down to your knees. They are weapons of mass destruction and the tools for resurrection at the same time. It’s funny to me how much I let words cause me strife or pain, although lately the absence of words have lead to more pain and questions left unanswered. Why is that? Why do words seem to be the true root of my problems? Words that I shouldn’t have spoken, words that I never expected to hear, or words that I never heard but longed to hear. But can’t words be erased? Deleted? Changed? Sometimes they can be with an apology (more words) or some whiteout. But the sting and all of the feelings those words brought on won’t be erased or forgotten. They may start to fade but they’ll still lie beneath the surface. But YOU can add your own words; fill your mind with positivity and God. Remind yourself that you are wonderful and lovely not matter what other people say, they just haven’t adjusted their eyes to your light. And remember that feeling those harsh painful words gave you when you have something to say to someone else. And always remember what your mom, grandma or teacher told you when you were younger: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But maybe tweak it a little, because honesty is always best but choose those powerful words wisely. Tread lightly when offering criticism, human beings are fragile creatures and words (try as we might) can break our hearts. Be careful and kind to one another.

God Bless <3


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