Wanted: Someone To Grow Old With

photo credit: weheartit.com

photo credit: weheartit.com

Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? Well maybe saying ‘we all’ is a little presumptuous of me, but the majority of functioning humans on this planet want someone to share their life with. But how we get that person, your better half, has always stumped and puzzled me. Where do you meet this person? How do you meet this person? Won’t they get bored of me? How do I know they won’t break my heart? So many questions, that like so many others I have will mostly likely go unanswered until it happens.

The way I see the idea of a ‘soul mate’ or ‘true love’ is like this: people can be happy and content on their own (in fact you should be before you even think about making someone else happy), but you’re never 100% until you have someone to share your life and happiness with. In my eyes, God has made each of us a unique puzzle piece and like all puzzle pieces out there somewhere is a piece that fits perfectly. Throughout life you’ll try to make yourself fit with a puzzle piece that just isn’t right, you want it to be right but there’s just something off, something that doesn’t fit. And you’ll realize that eventually, that there’s nothing wrong with you or the other person, you two just weren’t the right fit. (Although there are exceptions when there might be something wrong with the person.)

But someday you will find that puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Someday unexpected you will find that person that makes you realize why things never worked out with anyone else. But that’s the thing, right, it has to be unexpected. It won’t be on our timetable, it will be on God’s time. So, until that day comes keep choosing to be happy, keep choosing to love without the fear of being hurt.

God Bless and Stay Happy :)