Change: For Better Or Worse.

So I have, over the past two months, gone through some personal and physical changes. I’ll just keep things brief and focus on the lessons. On February 23rd my life took a big turn, I lost (in a matter of seconds) one of the most important people in my life and most of the normality and independence my life held. The person being my grandma and the thing that cause this rather large change was a car accident. Driving home from church on a icy (in patches) road another driver lost control and hit my car head on. Luckily I am here to tell the tale, but with a price. I managed to come out of the accident with a broken femur, shattered ankle, broken arm, a weakness in my cranial nerve (the sixth if you wanna get technical) and a few more that aren’t quite as noticeable. I went through a lot of pain, tears and struggle, but I’ve always tried to stay positive. When asked why I was able to stay so positive when, considering everything that had happened, I had every excuse to be miserable I replied by asking what good it would do to be miserable? Sure I had my moments of weakness where everything just seemed too hard and too unfair, but I’m only human. Overall I’ve tried to push forward and stay positive because being miserable only makes thing worse.

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And that’s true in life for everyone, even if you haven’t been in a life threatening situation. Being miserable and negative is only going to make your situation get or seem worse. There are moments where misery is going to feel right, like being miserable is the only choice you have. But I can promise you it is not. You can’t let the voice of Satan get you down, as cliche as that sounds. Because that’s exactly who’s doing it, Satan. He is a joy stealer and he will put your light out any way he can. And you have to refuse to let your joy be taken and stay positive that through all the pain and strife you will find your strength. And you’re going to need that strength for tough times down the road, because life is tough. But it is also beautiful. It’s filled with wonderful people and adventure, unless you focus on the misery. Although misery loves company, that company tends to be loneliness and despair.

I guess the moral of this blog post is to stay positive and keep fighting. Because things do, and will get better eventually; there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. It may take some time to reach or even see that light, but in that time learn to grow in your faith and trust that The Lord will stay with you and guide you through the darkness, as long as you keep your light shining bright. So stay bright and God bless <3


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