Just Be You

me being me

me being me

Okay so you probably read the title of this blog post and are thinking one of two things. You’re either thinking about how you are being you and the haters gonna hate. OR you’re thinking that being ‘you’ is a lot easier said than done in this society. If you are in the first group you probably don’t need to read this post, but feel free to continue reading and critique my grammar (heads up I hate paragraphs, bite me). If you’re in the second group I have to say that most of the time I agree with you. We like to think that the world has grown more accepting of people who are “different” or “march to their own beat,” but sadly that isn’t always the case. Don’t get me wrong, I think we have definitely made strides towards a more accepting society, but sometimes it feels like only a certain kind of weird is cool or accepted. You have to be an entertaining or lighthearted weird in order for people to like you, but if you knit sweaters for your pet turtle or are a gifted Tuvan throat singer you’re piled in the weirdo group and you shouldn’t be. Okay there are some people who are legit weirdos, but those are serial killers who don’t belong in the weirdo group, they belong in the psychiatric prison group. You feel me?


Anyways, we are getting off topic, back to the point of this post and that is to tell those of you in group two that it’s okay to feel like that. It’s okay to feel like being you is hard to do because you feel that people don’t appreciate you or accept you unless you put on some sort of facade. But I’m hear to tell you to listen to my girl Taylor Swift and shake it off, cause the haters gonna hate (hate hate hate hate). Seriously though, if someone ever makes you feel like who you are isn’t okay or isn’t someone worth being you need to drop them like a hot pan. NO ONE gets to tell you who you should be or how you should act, only you get to decide that. And trust me if you try even for a moment to be someone you aren’t you will be miserable and feel like you’re constantly wearing a costume (even though it’s not Halloween). I truly believe that God made every single person an individual person and when you try to fit someone else’s mold for who you should be, you’re breaking your heart and God’s. Unless of course you think you should be a serial killer or some sort of dangerous sociopathic dictator…you most definitely should not do that because THAT will break God’s heart…and probably hurt a lot of people.


What I’m trying to say amidst all of my rambling is that if people don’t like you for who you are without any walls up, it’s time for you to find new people. Someone will love that you knit sweaters for turtles because their turtle has been shivering lately or will think your Tuvan throat singing is beautiful. Someone will love you for you, quirks, flaws and all. Trust me, I am probably one of quirkiest people you will meet (hello did you read this entire post?) and I have people who love me for me, I think…I’m pretty sure. Well my mom loves me at least. I’m rambling again….just be you and tell the haters to take a hike and let your freak flag fly high, because we are all a little crazy and life is WAY too short to not enjoy it because you’re stuck being someone lame.


Have a lovely day, God bless and STAY QUIRKY!


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