A Case of the “Twenties”

photo found on weheartit

photo found on weheartit

A Case of the Twenties

I’ve had this blog for a little while now and I haven’t really explained what the title of this blog truly means. What is a case of the twenties? Is it some weird disease that I’m suffering from? Is it contagious? Is it similar to Ebola? Well this post is going to be a lengthy answer to that first question, but the last three are fairly easy to explain. You don’t catch it because it isn’t necessarily a disease, it’s a feeling. It’s not necessarily contagious, but some suffer more than others. And no, it is nothing like Ebola so don’t worry you can still give me a high five.

As you may know, or may have at least guessed from previous blogs, I am a twenty-something year old lady, and I say lady because I’m not a girl anymore, but I don’t necessarily feel like a woman yet. To be a woman I feel like you have to have children or something like that, you have to be tough, and not in the physical sense. And while I am tough in certain ways I’m still quite the innocent and naïve flower, so for now lady suits me just fine. Even though I suppose that ‘lady’ is a term endeared to elder women, but I think it suits me. But regardless, I am currently going through that phase of life that basically every person goes through in their twenties.

When you’re in your twenties everything is changing, whether you like it or not. The number of responsibilities you have starts to exponentially increase. The amount of money you have in your bank account constantly fluctuates, no matter how much you try to save. The relationships you have go through ups, downs, twists and turns. Some of those relationships end and new ones begin. Everything is changing and that change is a constant change, meaning your life rarely stays consistent. When you’re at this age new things happen every day, you grow as an individual with every experience you go through and every person you meet. It’s really a great time in your life and you should do everything to keep track of those memories because they are some great ones. (Luckily those of us in our twenties now have social media to do that for us.)

But being in your twenties can be, and often is, a very scary experience because everything is changing. You experience a multitude of things that you never dreamed were possible, and a lot of those things you have absolutely no clue how to handle. But newsflash, most people don’t know how to handle them either. In your twenties you feel this rush to figure yourself out, you’ve had twenty+ years why haven’t you done that? Why haven’t you picked the house, career, car, life you want to have for the next 70 years of your life?! Why don’t you feel whole yet? What is wrong with you? Now these questions aren’t ones that people actually ask you, at least not that blatantly I hope. But they are questions that society asks and you probably ask yourself.

Raise your (emoji) hand if you thought when you were a teen that you would have life figured out by the time you left college or turned 21? I can’t see, but I have an overwhelming feeling that most or all of you raised you hands. Now keep that hand up if you were right? Is anyone’s hand still up? I didn’t think so. Very few people (if any) have their lives and themselves figured out by the time they thought they would. And society wants to tell us that is not okay, you need to get your act together RIGHT NOW! But you know what I tell society? SHUT UP, because it’s impossible to do. There are so many big changes that are going to happen to you that you couldn’t possibly have predicted when you were fourteen and forced to write one of those letters to your older/future self. I know that my fourteen-year-old self thought I would be probably married (haha yeah right I knew even then that wasn’t a likely future) and working in my dream job, which then was as a music teacher or a doctor or a broadway star…I had a lot of interests. Am I doing those things? Nope. Should I feel bad about myself for not being where I thought I would be? Not one bit.

Basically the twenties is that overwhelming feeling that you should be further along in your journey of self discovery, your career, your love life and it’s tough. It’s hard to tell that nagging voice that sounds like a judgmental great aunt to leave you alone and let you do things your way. But that is EXACTLY what you have to do if you’re going to be the best you. You have to give yourself time to explore the world and explore your individuality. Give yourself time to create a work of art that is beautiful and original, rather than a boring mass produced version. Be patient with yourself and enjoy your twenties, because it’s always going to be about the journey and not necessarily the destination. You’re going to get there eventually, so you might as well enjoy every minute of the road there.


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