The Green Light

photo was found on weheartit

photo was found on weheartit

Sometimes in life I feel as if I’m waiting for some sort of green light to appear in front of me. A green light to tell me when to go for it, to do whatever it is I’ve been wanting to do for a significant amount of time but haven’t for one reason or another. A sign that let’s me know when the “right” time is to do “that thing,” whether “that thing” is a book, project, piece of writing, video, new life style or eating that sandwich on the counter. I just need something, a green light, to tell me to go and just do it already. Except when it comes to sandwiches, I need no encouragement to eat one of those.

And quite honestly I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way or looking for this green light. We all have a tendency to wait for the right moment to start that project, diet, book, article, research paper, etc. Some of us wait till the very last minute, while some of us wait till the beginning of the week/month/year to get going. I’m guilty of both of those, but really they’re just excuses. But why do we make these excuses to keep ourselves from starting or trying something new? Are we so unsure of ourselves that we constantly need someone else to give us the okay? Or are we all just so terrified of trying this new thing and failing miserably at it to the point that we don’t even want to try?

For me, personally, it’s a bit of both, but largely the second reason. Failure is one of the absolute worst feelings a human being can experience. Why is that? Because in this world there is an overwhelming pressure on people to be perfect at everything they do; failure is not an option in this world. And if you do try something new and it doesn’t go perfectly there are at least a dozen people to point that out to you and make you feel completely incompetent, which of course makes you never want to try again. It can be very debilitating and soul crushing. Not to mention, fitting something new into your already hectic life or changing an old thing can be a bit overwhelming and tedious.

But we all have to do it, we all have to grow and change eventually. Sure some of us grow and change at a slower rate, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you hadn’t ever started anything new you would still be crawling on the floor babbling and trying to reach that cookie on the counter, think about that for a moment. The only way to truly find yourself, figure out what makes you tick and what you like is to TRY SOMETHING NEW! New experiences are, albeit terrifying, but in the absolute best way. They can be so exhilarating and freeing. And if you fail at something, oh well. You were not put on this earth to be perfect at everything, if you were people wouldn’t have a tendency to specialize in a field of study/work. Everyone would be able to entertain themselves, heal themselves, do their own taxes, etc. You were put here to do something great and to figure out what that great thing is you have to take risks and do something!

So, readers, consider this your green light. Get ready, get set, and go do something you’ve been dying to do for too long. Go out their and do great things with your life. GO!


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