Life Is Like a Box Of Chocolates

As Forest Gump, well actually Forest Gump’s mother, so knowingly says ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.’ And quite frankly that metaphor or analogy (I never know the difference) is practically perfect. Yes, now they have those little maps that tell you where the delicious peanut butter candy is and where the disgusting cherry filling one is. But that’s only in the really big fancy boxes, so we are just going to disregard that minor flaw in this metaphor (I’m pretty sure that’s the correct term).

Life, like a box of chocolates, is full of choices. And those choices can be about anything and everything under the sun. You make choices every day: should you wake up? Should you have coffee? Do you take the freeway or the back roads to your destination? What is your destination? And those are only a few of the numerous choices you make. You made a choice just now to read this blog post and when you made the choice to read this blog or drink two cups of coffee I’m sure you had an idea of what would happen, but you couldn’t predict what would happen down to the minute details. You just made a decision and hoped it would all work out or be worth your while, right?

But, sometimes when you make those choices you find out you picked one of those weird yucky candies. But just because you picked the gross candy doesn’t mean you necessarily made the wrong choice or a bad choice. When you choose a yucky candy or the choice you made doesn’t go exactly how you planned that doesn’t mean that you made a bad decision or that you necessarily did something wrong. The “wrong” thing (unless it’s a crime or something to that nature) isn’t real. There is no universal wrong choice (again, except when crime is involved), because every single person on this planet needs and wants something different. And if you pick one of those yucky candies that tastes disgusting you can always spit it out or power through it and hope to pick a better one the next time.

When you make a not so great or smart decision in life you have two choices; you can either go back and start whatever it is over again (spit the candy out) or you can power through it and make a different decision the next time around (pick a different candy). Either way when you make a “bad” choice you have the opportunity to learn from that mistake and do better the next time around. No one is perfect and no one knows what’s going to happen next in this crazy whirlwind called life. The only person who knows is the big guy upstairs and he isn’t going to give you a map so you have to make your own way and trust in Him. You have to navigate your way through life the best you know how and when you don’t do your best you don’t stop going, you recalculate and keep on moving.

So the next time you buy yourself one of those big boxes of candies don’t worry about picking the wrong candy, there are plenty more chances to pick the yummy ones. And remember that if you make a “bad” choice, you just have to keep on runnin’.

side note: you should go watch Forest Gump, right now.


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