The Winds Are Changing

Well in case you have been living under a rock (which I assume none of you have been unless you’re a starfish like Patrick on Spongebob), a new calendar year has begun. And with every new year comes new starts, a chance to change the things we didn’t like from the previous year and somehow make this year better than the last. Now I don’t necessarily think you should wait for January 1st to roll around for you to change something you don’t like about yourself or your circumstances (see my post called ‘The Green Light’ for my thoughts on that), but it is a good time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. It’s a nice starting point for those of us who have to start things at the beginning of the month or day or week. So if you are in desperate need of a push, starting something new or changing something old January 1 is a good time to start.

But, to get to the point of this blog post in particular: change; both personal and professional. 2014 was a big year for me, and not necessarily in a good way. I faced challenges that I never imagined I would have to overcome, at least not until I was 80 and practically withering away. I have dealt with a wide range of emotions and struggled to keep a smile on my face every day. But you know what? I did it. I made it through the year and am stronger than I was before, maybe not physically just yet but mentally and emotionally. And throughout those challenges I learned quite a bit about myself and those who surround me. I have learned that things will and do inevitably get better and having a sour attitude about the present won’t help me get through it quicker. I have learned that I have the strength to overcome the greatest odds as long as I stay positive and keep my chin up. I could go on about all the things that I have learned, and I will in an upcoming blog post on the anniversary of my auto accident, so keep an eye out for that on February 23rd.

Amongst those reflections, I took some time to think about my professional life and what I truly want to do with my life from this point onward. And to be quite honest, I do not have a clue. When I left college back in December of 2012 I was 100% positive that I was going to be a teacher until the ripe age of 75 or something like that, but now I’m not quite so sure. I love teaching and working with children, it’s a truly rewarding and exciting experience. But part of me isn’t sure if that’s the path I want to take anymore. Our time on this earth is so short and there is so much to explore, and being a teacher doesn’t exactly allow me to truly explore all of the wonders of this world that God has for us to see. So, many career choices have been floating in my mind and I plan on using 2015 and this time off from work to dig deep down into my soul and decide what would make me truly happy. It may sound silly, especially because I have a college degree in education, but what’s the point of life if you’re not happy with it? Why would you want to spend time on this planet feeling miserable and stuck?

While reflecting on my career aspirations I thought about this blog and the content that I have been putting out on the Internet for the world to see and read. I have to say I am fairly proud of the posts that I have written and hope that they have helped shed some light on different struggles everyone in their twenties has at one point or another. But since I am not Yoda or Professor Dumbledore, and my wisdom is still limited to my twenty-four years of experience, I would like to share a few different things on this blog. Now before you start to worry I will still be posting doses of wisdom on here, but I will mix it up with personal posts and some lifestyle posts. I feel like my blog needs to be more of an extension of myself or I will inevitably lose interest and I don’t want to do that. So look out for some book reviews, DIY, thoughts on being 20, travel dreams, and personal entries about how the struggle is real.

So until then, make every day brighter than the one before.

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