The Aftermath Of Dying

Now the title of this blog is a bit on the morbid or depressing side, but I promise that it is worth a read. Then again I’m the one writing it, so my opinion might be a little biased. But nonetheless I think you should plow through and see what exactly I have to say concerning the aftermath of dying.

Last month I started and finished binge watching the MTV show Teen Wolf and in a scene during season two the characters deal with a particularly nasty villain. I won’t go into the details but he is bad news and he’s out to get revenge for whatever happened in his past by controlling one of the main characters that is now this weird psycho killer lizard thing because his werewolf bite didn’t go well. One of the main characters, Stiles, is then tortured by a group of hunters for someone’s location (I forget who’s, probably Jackson’s or Derek’s), and is a little beat up when Lydia comes to his door. Now Lydia isn’t entirely sure what’s going on but she wants to try and save her ex-boyfriend, the psycho killer lizard thing. Now, Stilles is convinced that she will most likely die if she does this and he says something that has kind of stuck with me. He tells Lydia, who is being inadvertently suicidal, that ‘death doesn’t happen to you, it happens to everyone around you.’ And that, my lovely readers, is what this blog post is about. But if you want to talk Teen Wolf, I’m down for that too. (Also note that this may not be exactly what happened, but it’s what I recall.)

As someone who has unintentionally knocked on death’s door and had him tell me ‘not yet,’ I feel I am able to shed some thoughtful light onto this topic. When you die (sorry if that was a spoiler, but everyone does die at some point) you inevitably leave this planet, but the manner in which you leave depends on your set of beliefs or lack thereof. So essentially nothing horrible (again this depends on your beliefs or lack thereof) happens to you exactly, you just move on to whatever’s next on the agenda. Yes you leave loved ones behind, but for those of us who believe in heaven (and unfortunately hell as well) we have the hope that we will get to see loved ones who have taken this road before us once we reach our next destination. Now the time leading up to your departure may, unfortunately, be an unpleasant one but once your heart stops beating you’re (hopefully) free from that pain.

After you depart from Earth for wherever your beliefs lead you, for me that would be skyward towards heaven, your loved ones are still stuck on Earth. And what’s worse is they’re stuck on Earth with an empty feeling, with tears running down their face and adjustments to make. These people have to figure out what their next step is now that you’re gone, they have to find a way to cope with the loss of you from their lives and that is the hardest task to do. I’ve lost two very important people to me throughout my life and it’s not a pleasant experience in any way, shape, or form. You try to carry on with your life, pretend like nothing has happened but then something will happen to remind you of that missing person or something will happen to you and you want to call and tell them about it, but you can’t. There have been numerous times since my grandma passed away that I have wanted to pick up the phone and call her, but I can’t. She isn’t here anymore, and it’s not hurting her, it’s hurting everyone who was around her, who cared about her.

Now I’m not saying that you can by any means control your departure time from this planet; right before you were born you received a round trip ticket for Earth. Unfortunately none of us knew the exact date of arrival and nor do we know the exact date of our departure. We just know that some day it will inevitably happen. What I’m trying to say is don’t try to trade in your ticket for an earlier departure. If you’re sick or hurt or depressed don’t give in, don’t let those feelings of unbearable strife get to you. As much as it hurts it will get better and there will be moments of relief and joy, especially when you surround yourself with people who care deeply for you. But you may sit there and think what is the point of living if I feel this miserable or I’m in this much pain now? Why should I carry on? Well the answer is simple, because death doesn’t happen to you, it happens to everyone around you.


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